If you’re anything like me, you love poetry! Since that is the case, whether you write haiku or are a simple rhymer, here is the place to sit back, chill, enjoy, and share the true power of this art form. Don’t just stop there! Share your comments and critiques with us, learn about different styles, give us the link to post your Gospel spoken word video. The experience starts in your heart, passes through here, and reaches out to the ends of the earth! So take out your note pad and join us now!

 My Love of poetry 

~Every thought strikes a rhyme, as every action speaks a line, each hour is a verse, that empowers an outburst of words, enriched with an outlet of verbs, whether manifested or blessed by tongues, introspected, protested, or sung,” spitten”, written, or strung, over instrumentals, they light in our lungs, potential paths, that end in meaningful laughs, satisfying to some, and with eager ears, we seek to hear life, but we eavesdrop on love~